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Itineries and Sights in Mali (en)

The following itineries and sights are listed based on our own experience travelling through West Africa nearly every year. Other tourists might visit other sights and villages. Your itinery depends from interests and time available.
Bamako Bamako - Mopti Mopti Dogon Land Niger, Timbuktu, Gao
Bamako is the capital of the Republic of Mali. You need quite some energy (and nervs) to visit it..
There are many hotels of different size and quality (a personal preference: Hotel Colibris, south of downtown, on the way to the bus stations; bush taxis to downtown).
There are many handicraft shops, bazars and markets at Bamako - therefore shopping is somehow easier than otherwhere.
Travel tips for Bamako.
Travelling from Bamako eastwards is easy by bus (to Ségou, Mopti and to Gao). They leave from the bus stations at Sogoniko (Gare Rotière, south of downtown Bamako). It is a 10 hours bus trip to Mopti (or Sévaré). Leaving early in the morning is better than travelling during the night).
Maybe you want to stop in Ségou or get directly to Djenné before continuing to Mopti.
Mopti - Venice of Mali is located at the confluence of Bani and Niger river. Busy boat traffic every day at the port of Mopti.
Mopti is also initial starting point for Dogon or Niger/Timbuktu excursions. Bus connections to Bamako and Gao, bush taxi to Timbuktu, Djenné and Bandiagara.
By boat or pinasse to Timbuktu.
Travel tips for Mopti.
You first go to Bandiagara, Sangha, Mopti or Koro (for those coming from Burkina Faso).
To get to Dogon Country you need a four wheel drive (or you walk from Bandiagara or you find a bush taxi to Sangha); Trekking is great here, following the falaise, hiking from one Dogon village to the other.
Some visitors use a car to get from one village to the other and then walk to scenic points.
The myth of Timbuktu is today the main attraction of this desert town. Getting there: by bush taxi from Mopti (bad road).
Much more attractive is at least one way on the Niger Boat (2 days and 2 nights from Mopti to Timbuktu). Alternative: local pinasse or luxury pirogue for tourists.
If you like it, continue your jouney all the way to Gao.