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On mondays: Market day in Djenné (en)

This town is located in the plains of Bani river, some 100km west of Mopti. Djenné has an absolutely scenic (photos!) mosque; no access for non musilmans. Many big houses in ..... show the old moroccan influence. Verry nice is the weekly market on mondays. This is also when you get the best transport chances from and to Mopti.
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* Big market in front of the mosque: Every monday is market day. This is when downtown Djenné is packed with people coming and going. This is also when you can - in high season - expect quite some tourists.

* Overnight/Restaurants: In Djenné you can find several small guest houses where it is possible to sleep on the roof (open sky) as well.
Restaurants prepare nice food.

Access: The city of Djenné is some 20km off the main road (Bamako-) San - Mopti, where public busses stop. In the last few years a little settlement was built at this crossing and bush taxis wait for customers to drive to Djenné.

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