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The Falaise and Dogon Country (en)

Landscape scenery and culture in Dogon country is impressive. Being there for at least three days is a must for all Mali visitors. Main attraction are the numerous villages along the 120km long rock escarpment (Falaise) where steep rock walls fall down some 150m from the Bandiagara plateau to the desert plains towards Burkina Faso. Villages along the Falaise, in the plains or on the plateau are all equally worth the visit.
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* Starting points: Bandiagara (paved road from Mopti) is probably the easiest access. Sangha is closer to the escarpment (access to Sangha still via Bandiagara). Access from the south is possible from Koro (border to Burkina Faso) or Bankass. With a four wheel drive or long trekking you can get into Dogon country from Douentza (northeast, main road Mopti - Gao, paved).

* In Dogon villages at the Falaise: Villages like Banani or Ende became small "tourist resorts" in the last few years. You get soft drinks nearly in every villages and small "hotels" are like oasis for tired travellers und hikers. People are friendly and helpful.

* Car or Trekking: The villages themselves can only be visited by walking. It is easier if you have a guide or a local person with you. For many tourists trekking over several days becomes pretty hard and therefore they organize cars to meet them after some hours of desert hiking. In Dogon country there are no bush taxis (exception: Bandiagara-Sangha and Bandiagara-KaniKombole-Bankass... sometimes you have to wait several hours until other passengers appear).

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