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Hotel Falaise, Bandiagara

This new hotel opened in 2005; it is located at the entrance to town (coming from Mopti). Good starting point for excursions and trecking to the Dogon region - visit the villages on the so called Plateau as well as the famous Dogon villages below the rock escarpment (La Falaise) in the south of Bandiagara.

* How to get there: From Mopti it is just 75km to Bandiagara. From Bandiagara to Douentza it's 360km and to Bamako 700km

* The Hotel: Nine double romms, airconditioned or with ventilator, toilet and shower for each room.
Dormitory (6 single beds) with toilet/shower outside.
It is possible to sleep on one of the roofs or to camp.

phone: +(223) 2144 21 28
mobile phone:
+(223) 66684 22 78 oder 7601 53 35

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